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Human Target

Fanart: Cool Down (Human Target)


Human Target

Concentration - (PG) When Ames gets stuck in the office researching a case, Harry spies a rare opportunity to spend some time alone with her as her assistant. As per usual, his plan's not going the way he'd hoped.
The Way We Were - (PG) A young Guerrero's detour through the woods leads to interesting companionship. This is a warmup to a larger piece I'll be writing that focuses on the early days of Chance and Guerrero's friendship.
A Love Deferred - (PG) It's no surprise, given her skill as a thief, that Ames' mother robbed her of a childhood.
Comment Fic Collection, March - May (Various)
Maybe This Time - (R, Guerrero/Ames) For once, what Ames wants and what she deserves happily coincide.
Calling all you Angels - (PG-13) Written for this prompt on comment_fic: Human Target, Guerrero(/Chance), "How did you - ?" "Angel, dude." "As in - ?" "As in I am one."
Night Things - (R) Sometimes it's wise not to let your curiosity get the best of you: particularly on Halloween.
Hurt - (R) Inspired by a discussion on the WPTJEH LJ community during which someone speculated that Guerrero might have been a drug user at some point in his life.
Mutual Satisfaction - (NC-17, Guerrero/Winston) Written for the Guerrero/Winston jealous!sex prompt on the kinkmeme. This version has several changes from the one that appeared there.


Veidt's Enterprises - (NC-17, Adrian/Eddie, Dan/Laurie) The world is abuzz with news of Adrian Veidt's sex tape, and Laurie's one of the lucky few to find a copy. Written for a prompt on the Kinkmeme.
Part Gazing - (NC-17, teen!Walter/Sally) Sally needs some extra help if Walter's willing to volunteer. Originally written as a captcha response for the kinkmeme.
At the Foot of the Rainbow Bridge - (PG, Adrian/Eddie) Bubastis is ready to go, but Adrian's not  ready to let her. A HS!AU (by not-the-hs-anon) fill for a prompt on the kinkmeme, sort of.
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